My name is Gerald Caouette, presently Retired -
Previoously employed as an electrical equipment specialist.
For the Continental Group, providing testing and diagnostic services
for electical equipment ie. electric motors breakers etc.
I also spent over 20 years with, Canadian Westinghouse in the electrical services department.
after which the opportunity presented itself, for me to pursue the chance to be my own boss.
The broad range of contacts and experience gained during that tenure, enabled me to enjoy the
life style, that goes with beings self employed " longer hours and lower pay, but freedom"

Subcontracting my skills to a number of larger electrical firms and supplementing
my cash flow with trading in small items, on the internet, etc. has been quite interesting
and rewarding , as it has allowed me to pursue my interests more fully, and still make a
reasonable living .

My hobbies include amateur radio, electronic experimentation and most aspects of computers.
When ever I get a chance I also enjoy a bit of fishing and gold panning

As I have time I will be adding links to the family tree and other stuff

A brief history follows for those who are interested
Born in Edmonton , Alberta Canada Jun 22 1954 to George and Mavis Caouette
I was the eldest son in a family of 7 children

Employment History

Fort McMurray TV. ( Radio Shack Dealer ) - Technicialn and Installer - Owner Mr -Wing

Fort McMurray Electric Motor Rewinds - Electrical Motor Rewind/Repair Technician

Great Canadian Oil Sands ( now Suncor ) - Heavy Equipment Operator

Alberta Broadcasting Corporation - Cable TV instalation and services

Bar 0 Electric of Chase BC. - Aprentice Electrician

Canadian Safeway Stores

NMR Propane - Fuel Delivery driver

Keyano College - Security Guard - Night shift

Canadian Westinghouse Inc. - Electrical Motor Rewind/Repair Technician

Siemens / Westinghouse Electrical Equipment Technician and Designer

Self Employed as Jaymcee Enterprises

Arrow Speed Controls - As a field Service Technical Representitive

Continental Group - As Technical Services Representitive